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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Breakfast at Sarkies, Family Weekend Getaway at E&O Hotel Penang

Most people would go to Sarkies for their ever popular lunch and dinner buffets but how many actually go there for breakfast? Well, on the weekend while we were staying there, having our breakfast at Sarkies was probably the most reasonable thing to do (well we could also have breakfast at Planter's Lounge but we had dinner there the night before).
Well, we were at Sarkies about 8am and surprisingly, there were many people already enjoying their breakfast. Well, the spread as always was pretty luxurious and definitely maintains the Sarkies tradition. There were many items that would whet ones appetite, and even their Char Kuey Teow counter was already opened! Some of the more surprising twist was that there was alot of local influence in this breakfast and there was Nasi Lemak and even Roti Canai. I'm sure this is great especially for the tourist visiting Malaysia as they will get to sample some of our local breakfast too. Check out the pictures!

Muffins of assorted variety
 Lots of fresh breads and pastries

 Sushi rolls anyone?
 Condiments for the Nasi Lemak
 Jams and peanut butter for your pancake sir?
 Choices of cold cuts
 Assorted nuts
 The chef preparing Char Kuey Teow

 And this was the result! Frankly, their Char Kuey Teow was pretty good
 Some of the items I had, including an omelette
  Nasi Lemak. The curry chicken with potatoes could have been better.
 Roti Canai was very crispy
 And a bowl of mixed fruits
 Just look at the crowd

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