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Sunday, September 1, 2013

English High Tea at 1885 Restaurant, E&O Hotel Penang

High Tea, that is not something one mentions much in Penang. Not sure if its because there is just so much food places or chillax hangouts but for a proper high tea, one can surely check out 1885 Restaurant. Here, they serve high tea at its best and basically how one goes about it is that they would first select the tea which they like (and mind you, they have over 10 types of tea choices) and then the waiters would bring the tea as well as the tray of food goodies to the table. They really provide lots of unique utensils, and the utensil which I have never used before definitely has to be the tea leaf strainer. This little gadget helps prevent the tea leaf from dripping into ones cup and I find that kind of unique, as drinking chinese tea, you always have some tea leaf falling into the cup.
Another item which they will bring is their own made (can't use homemade as this is afterall not a home) strawberry jam and also clotted cream (this one is imported)! The amount of food, frankly, is alot. There is a tiered sandwich tray set, scones and then a desserts platter. I mean, I would seriously be able to skip dinner (or have a very light one) after enjoying such a high tea.
Do check out the photos, and in a way, some photos are not that bright as I was seated not at a window seat. Cheers!

Preview, this is the desserts tray!

The ownmade jam! Its nice in the fact that its not all sugar and you get a distinct strawberry flavor to it
Thats the tiered tray, and the scones to the right with the clotted cream
This is a wider view picture with the tea set too! I heard you can ask for more scones too
The scones were puffy and light, and I really enjoyed it even plain
The sandwiches comes in a few variety and like I mention, it will surely fill you up
Using the tea leaf strainer
It works!
And finally the desserts tray. That to me, makes one very fine afternoon high tea! Its really quite worth the price at RM56++ per person with a minimum serving of 2 pax. I guess its kind of hard for them to make it any less. Really a great experience to be able to try this out and just a note, its smart casual dress code so do take note.

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