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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pre-Registration of MySuperVIP card ~ Grab them now!!!

With so many deals happening all around us, its always good to know that creative companies are still developing more ways for the benefit of the consumers. Thus in Penang we now have MySuperVIP, which is a company that gives more rewards and bonus to consumers for their shopping through loyalty card system. You will be able to collect reward points from every spending on our participating outlets and exchange for cash vouchers.

MySuperVIP card is also a loyalty card that will help consumers to get rewarded whenever they introduce MySuperVIP cards to their friends and family.For every reward points collected by your friends and families, you can obtain extra 15% reward points from MySuperVIP. Therefore you could get more extra rewards when you introduce more friends to register for MySuperVIP cards.

See guide below on how to register, make sure to have the sponsor ID included!

MySuperVIP cards are now available in all MySuperVIP’s participating outlets around Penang.
MySuperVIP cards are now free for registration with limited stocks only!
Make a move now and get a MySuperVIP card today! 
Check out the list of outlets below!!
If you failed to get your MySuperVIP in any of our participating outlets, please contact MySuperVIP via email or enquiry through our facebook page
You may also call our customer hotline at 016-4283204
As their slogan goes : “Enjoy VIP Lifestyle”

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