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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Penang Green Expo 2013 ~ SPICE, Penang

I think this is the 2nd year Penang is hosting the Penang Green Expo 2013 and this time, its still in SPICE but I believe the theme this year is slightly different than last year. There seems to be more stalls selling consumables than previous year where there were also many electronic and even firms marketing their power saving equipment. Last year there were also solar panel makers showcasing their products which is lacking this year. I guess the highlight this year would be Escape Themepark having a mini attraction here for kids to try out and its something I highly recommend parents to bring their kids to try. Its fun and safe as there are fully trained staff looking after the kids! Overall, I feel its a good effort, but I was really hoping to continue to see the electronics and gadgets that help us save electricity make a comeback the following year. Have a scroll at the pictures and see if you are interested to visit it (I think its pretty good).

Welcome sign
 Lots of stalls

 There is even a petition booth against LYNAS! Go give some support ya!
 Lots of health products on display
This is suppose to be a healthy shower head!
 The popular Thermomix machines
 There is even a stall selling organic vegetables which is planted in Jawi. They will let you try their ladies fingers, which you can eat raw! Each pack of vege is at a promotion price of only RM3 each.
 They are certified organic!
 Another stall just demonstrating some recipes for using mushrooms!
 This is from a booth showing their negative ion generating flooring! I think this is really cool if I could afford it.
 They are actually marketing their recycle bags and many other products

 Lots of variety and they sell individual bags as well as whole sale
 These are bottles of enzyme which is suppose to help with clearing up the pipes. RM25 each. Not sure should I get a bottle
 Fried seaweed with lots of varieties. Try before buying
 The patented roofing system by Sim Leisure (parent of Escape Themepark). Really creative and suppose to help save on the cooling or heating bills
 They even brought a whole climbing wall for children! How cool
 Climb up and up
 Rope bridges
 Their merchandise. There is even discounted tickets on sale with no expiry date!
 More climbing
There were also talks and debate about the many environmental issues with many prominent figures attending
 Last but not least, you get to bring home a plant of your choice!

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