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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review of Isaac Toast & Coffee @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

This is my 2nd time visiting Isaac Toast & Coffee but the difference this time is that this was an invited review thus I got to try many more items on the menu than my previous visit. Isaac Toast & Coffee is located at the lower ground floor near to where the Chicken Rice shop is located. The shop is nicely decorated with a very modern interior design and a somewhat open kitchen. One can just see what they are cooking over the glass wall. So for this review, they will be introducing their new items which is their bagels. Besides toast, as their name suggest, they have their own blend of coffee as well and the coffee beans are imported direct from Korea where its roasted the Isaac way. Actually their full press release is kind of long (2 pages in length) so I will just summarize it abit.
Isaac was started in Korea in 1995 by a Korean couple and since 2003, they started a franchise operation in which there is now more than 900 outlets in South Korea and the number continues to expand. This is the first Isaac Toast & Coffee in Malaysia and hopefully, the franchise will flourish, helping many others to start their own business!

Thus, lets wish them all the best, and do check out how their menu below!
This is the coffee beans, waiting to be turned to some lovely coffee!
 Balloons and balloons

 Can you read Korean?
 The talented staff spinning some mocha art
 This is the Hot Chocolate which was thick and tasty
This is the Pizza Toast! This is one of my favorite of the lot where the nice tomato paste goes pretty well with the bread.

 This is the Green Tea latte. Interesting that green tea also can make latte.
 An overall view
 This is the yogurt drink. There is kiwi and strawberry
  This is the Hot Mocha! I like the floral design
 When they cut up the toast, this is what you get!
 This is the Caramel Machiatto. Its interesting that they have so many styles of latte art. A disclaimer though, its not always what you see what you get as the latter art is sometimes hit and miss!
 This is their Potato Toast. Its like a giant piece of hash brown in between their toast
 See, how can we not like this place! There is a teddy bear in my coffee!
 This is the MVP! The burger patty is made from real meat here!
 This is the piece from the Potato Toast
 And the new star, their bagel with slices of salami, egg and cheese!
 The bagel is custom made for Isaac Toast!

 And finally, the staff surprised us with some 3D latte art! I have to say, she is pretty talented!
 Its coming out of the coffee!
Overall, the toast goes well with the coffee as the toast has a slightly sweet taste to it. That is why it complements the unsweetened coffee. The price is also reasonable as with a whole toast and a coffee, its really quite filling and considered a full meal already! Its worth a try and do leave your comments ya!

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