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Monday, September 2, 2013

Azuma Japanese Restaurant, Simple Lunch @ Queensbay Mall Penang

 My wife and I decided to have a simple lunch at Azuma this afternoon and was surprised that their menu has been changed (so called new menu). What I found glaringly new was that the menu now has been reduced but the prices has gone up! Some items such as their previously affordable and highly recommended sashimi moriawase has gone up in price. It used to be RM70 but new price is RM88! Thats like 20%+. Everything on the menu has gone up in pricing (as far as i remember la) so what used to be an affordable yet good quality Japanese place just let me down a little.
And news that petrol price is going up this midnight surely doesn't spell good news for September. Anyway, back to the lunch. We had a salad, rice and appetizer and hopefully you guys will enjoy too!

This is the fried rice with mushroom. The rice was nicely fried but frankly, RM7 for a small bowl is not exactly cheap ya.

 Fried tofu (RM8) was tasty and the bonito flakes really added to the flavor of this dish. One thing to take note is to eat this quickly as the fried skin of the tofu will start to get soggy after awhile!

This is the Soft Shell Crab with Fried Salmon Skin salad. Our favorite is with the Goma (sesame seed) dressing which is really appetizing and refreshing. At least they were very generous with the salmon skin today.

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