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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mugshot Cafe, Bagel and Yogurt, Chulia Street, Penang

I guess by now many would have heard of this place in Penang that is popular for their bagels and yogurts and more importantly, their Mugshots! The place is aptly called Mugshot Cafe and is located at Chulia Street, right next to Rainforest Bakery and if you are coming from Penang Road, then its right after Love Lane.
The cafe is located at a pre-war building with its narrow shop front but very long length wise. I was surprise to see that its a 3 storey building though I'm not sure what the upper floors are being used for currently. So my family and I reach the place right before noon and wow, the place was packed. Luckily there was still place for the 3 of us and we sat right opposite the mugshot wall. As they serve bagels and yogurt, we ordered 3 types, Cream Cheese and Salmon, Turkey Ham Cranberry Sauce and Bacon & Egg, and for the yogurt, we ordered the Jackfruit & Gula Melaka! The bagels were pretty decent size and heard that its supplied by Rainforest Bakery (actually the shop lots seems to have openings in between so I guess they can move about). As for pricing, I guess its average for cafes in Penang nowadays, bagels were RM10 each and so is the yogurt. Do check out the pictures ya

The view of the yogurt

 Homemade yogurt

 We were sitting at the airwell area.
 The bagels have arrived. All covered in poppy seeds and warmed up in their wood oven
 Ham & egg. Interesting way of cooking the ham and egg in a tray with the ham lining the sides and the egg in the middle. This was really yummy though I wish there was less mayo there in the middle
 This is the Turkey Ham Cranberry Sauce. The cranberry sauce was below the slice of turkey. There were some rocket leaves on top. We didn't think the combination work too well for this one too as the cranberry sauce is sweet while the ham is salty. Just our point
 Cream Cheese and Salmon have the bagels sandwiching a nice slice of smoked salmon and lots of cream cheese on top. This one was pretty good, as in general, I like smoke salmon.
 Here we have our mugshots taken

 The chatty one!

 And BIG MOUTH me!

 More pictures of the bagels

 Some pictures of the cafe

 The oven
 Some cakes and yogurt

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