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Thursday, July 18, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Full House Cafe @ 97 Bowery Street

It seriously amazes me when I can actually be in New York yet have some really great and authentic Chinese dinner! I mean, this place called Full House Cafe on Bowery Street was really pretty good where they have a good selection of dishes and the place has a very modern look and design and you just feel comfortable eating here. The prices are also very reasonable and its worth a visit for those craving some good Chinese food in New York.

Plate of offal with hot spicy chilli and peppers
Marinated jelly fish. Simple and nice

Siew Loong Pau or soup dumplings as it the dumpling has soup in it. It was pretty good as well
Pork ribs in hot pot
One of my favorite, pea sprouts with ham in superior stock
Just a few of the dishes
This is a fried bun with meat filling. I felt it was abit hard for the skin though
This is fried Lin Kou. Not sure what to call this in English but its not scallops ya. Its like a type of jelly. Hahha
Some pictures of the interior

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