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Monday, July 22, 2013

No Eyed Deer Restaurent ~ A hidden gem in Penang

On my endless food hunts, I was guided to No Eyed Deer Restaurant which is located on the 1st floor of the shop lots at Prima Tanjung along Jalan Fettes. Frankly from far or as I have been driving along this road, I have seen the sign board to this place but just have never thought of stopping by.
So as I reach the place, the first thing I asked the proprietor (Ken) was why the place has such a unique name :) Well you can see the reasoning at their website 
The next thing to ask was what is great on the menu. Since there was 3 of us including my daughter, we decided to order something that everyone can share out abit and sample here and there. So do read on to see what a great find this is, and this is the GPS coordinates so that its easy to spot too!
N5.451014, E100.305138
They serve dinner daily except on Tuesdays which they are close. They have lunch servings on weekends too!

The smoothies were huge!
These are their special appetizers which I found really delicious especially with the home made dipping sauce
This is the highly rated Laotian Laksa! Its one of a kind and I don't think I have had this anywhere else (of course I have not been to Laos). The soup is very flavorful and the glass noodles that is used goes very well. The slices of beef is also cooked just right
This is the chilli lime seabass! The fish was grilled nicely and not overcooked and the drizzle of the chilli and lime suited the fish well!
Just look at how juicy the fish is! Besides the fish, its served with a good portion of real mashed potatoes and salad
Next up is Chicken Parmigiana! Now what we get here is a nice piece of chicken fully smothered with lots of Parmesan & Mozzarella cheese! Its just delicious and cheesy at its best.
This was something my daughter enjoyed alot
Finally its dessert time! One of the more unique items is their famous Coffee Jelly! I totally enjoyed this dessert and it all started out when the regular Japanese diners here asked the owner why there is no coffee jelly. Lo and behold, he managed to create this masterpiece just like how it was described. The jelly had great coffee aroma and had a smooth texture to it. The cream and fresh coffee adds to the delight.
Their Tiramisu is also worth trying here with lots of flavors to it. My take would be to order 1 each of the jelly and Tiramisu and share it!
This is the Strawberry Mess which was recommended since my daughter just love anything strawberry! Lots of goodies in this one especially for strawberry and ice cream lovers! Just a great way to end a hearty meal
An assortment of beers for one to choose!
All the deers!
Overall, I believe good food will last and this is testament here at No Eyed Deer. They have been around for over 10 years now and still serves many great hearty meals that one will call it great value for money and feel good right after! Do try this place out!

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