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Saturday, June 29, 2013

DRB-Hicom Autofest 2013 ~ SPICE, Penang

Well, even though I like cars and wish I could afford some nice ride, I'm not exactly like a diehard car fanatic who would travel all the way to Bangkok to attend the Auto Show there, even though I heard its pretty darn good. Well, it so happens that this weekend in Penang, @ SPICE or PISA, DRB-Hicom was having an Autofest and since this place is like only 10 minutes from where I live, I said what the heck, lets have a look at what they have to offer.
From the advertisements, I could have more or less guessed that this was more like a car roadshow for them to sell cars to prospective buyers, and true enough it really was. I have to say though, it was pretty nice where they have dedicated area for the buyers to close the deal, and sign the papers, or get their cars evaluated for a trade-in. It was sort of a one stop for your car purchase and it was done in the privacy of these dedicated area and not just on the show floor itself.
Well, a few booth caught my attention which was the Mitsubishi, Lotus, Audi, Volkswagen and Can-AM. I was also expecting to see lots of latest cars and models but sadly, it was like walking into a typical showroom with lots of often seen cars and sales personnel. Well, I guess thats why its called an Autofest and not a car show so, no complains la. Anyway, I would give the award of best cars on display probably to Lotus as they did bring all their models here and the award for best models (ladies) to Volkswagen! Too bad I didn't get their picture, as they were the only booth with decent models, so abit shy to ask la.
But finally, I think they really planned it pretty well to include lots of family aspect into this Autofest as the children will definitely be entertained as there were clowns and buskers all over the place to hand out balloons and gifts to children. There is even a inflatable playground area at the upper concourse just for kids to play around which I found to be really generous of the organizers (its all free for the kids)
All in all, pretty good job to DRB-Hicom for this event. I didn't get to ride on a Lotus though, even though it was advertised as such. Hopefully in their next event!

Mitsubishi ASX

 The legendary MIVEC engine from Mitsubishi
 The Concept G4 which is supposedly, a concept car. The lights look good, but as it was on a high platform and tinted glass, you can't see the insides (maybe its empty)
 The inside of SPICE main arena
 The Suzuki Jimmy back in its new look!
 All new Swift side lamp
 Simple and elegant
 Another look of the show floor
 Can-AM bikes! These are really awesome looking

 At least they have airbags
 The lights on the Exora (if I'm not mistaken)

 Elise S!
 Volkswagen EOS (Canon did you have a share in this?)
 My wife's dream car, besides a Mini Cooper
 Detailed stitching on the leather seats of the EOS
The instrument panel of the EOS

 The Audi Q3. Very mean looking grill ya!
 Sexy rears of the Volkswagen family
 Rims! Volkswagen Passat!
 Lotus! The Lotus ones are really awesome, especially with the red brakes
 On the car itself
 The cheerful and friendly clowns!
 Then I happen to walk outside and notice these rows of Lotus cars parked here! Just look at those sexy rears!

 Wish someone took me for a spin on one of these beauties! Well, keep dreaming I guess!

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