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Friday, March 2, 2012

Swez Brasserie Buffet Lunch at Eastin Hotel Penang

It happened that there was a training session which was held at Eastin Hotel Penang today and lunch was held at the Swez Brasserie. I understood from fellow bloggers that they were having a Vietnamese themed menu and I guess I was pretty lucky to get to try it first hand. Now, this is the first time that I have actually ate at Eastin Hotel and prior to this, has always been with the feedback that the spread was not up to par. But I guess that is why I was truly surprised that the food that I got to eat today was very satisfying. For RM48++ for lunch, I feel that its good value for money and I also understand Maybank cardholders get 15% discount too. With this said, do have a look at some of the photos and feel free to leave a comment. Hope you all give this place a try ya!

The desserts spread! There is a good choice of cakes as well as local nyonya kuih and fruits
The row of fried and cooked dishes all lined up

There was 2 kinds of soup, cold cuts and also a good choice of fresh salads
Yum yum, the rice paper wrap looks really delicious but too bad I didn't take beef!
This is one of my favorites. This is fried fritters with a mixture of minced fish and prawns and vegetables. The texture is very springy and the flavor delightful. Its all freshly fried on the spot thus making the flavor all the better.
My colleagues and also the trainer
  Everyone enjoying their meal
 This place can easily fit like 200 pax in comfort
 My first plate. There was roast chicken, chicken with mushrooms, fish with bamboo shoots, stir fried long beans with mushrooms and meat, grilled prawns, squid with vegetables, curry fish Vietnamese style and lamb kurma! What a way to start a lunch.
 Next I had the Smoked Tenggiri fish, chicken ham, jelly fish salad, prawns with white radish salad, fried garoupa with sauce and paprik chicken salad.
 The soup in the background is the fish soup which was really refreshing with the use of lots of coriander and parsley
 Then I had a plate of dessert, chocolate brownie, jelly, fruits and nyonya kuih
 This was a special which is Tong Yuen (glutinous rice ball) with black sesame filling in a ginger soup. The glutinous rice ball was very well made holding a good amount of black sesame and the ginger soup gave it a good zest to it
 I went back from more of the fried fritters and also vegetable spring roll. The highlight to me is probably the Smoked Tenggiri fish which was really good. The fish has such a wonderful smoky after taste and the texture was not too flaky while not being raw or having a fishy taste. I actually had one more plate where I paired the fish with lots of salad but I forgot to take a picture of it. All in all, I hearty meal and you also get free flow of coffee and tea. There was also icecream but I didn't have any today.

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  1. Are you the owner of this Eastin Hotel? I see the posts related to this hotel..lolzz