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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Universal Studio at Sentosa Singapore

Went to Universal Studio mid of 2011 and it was a really fun trip with my wife there. We didn't expect much but of course with the ticket price, was also secretly hoping for lots! So we went to Vivo City which is a huge shopping complex via the MRT (Singapore most major places are connected via their trains) and then its a monorail ride till we reach the Water Front Station which is where Universal Studio as well as Resort World Genting Casino is also located. This place is pretty massive and the good thing is that for the casino part of things, its all shaded thus you can come rain or shine. Thats not to be said of Universal Studio though, as its huge size and open theme park will not be much fun of it decides to rain.
Anyway, do check out my photos here and as to my knowledge, there is now a Transformers ride which I heard is really good!

The infamous Universal globe
Sentosa Station at Vivo City
The Monorail

Candy decorations at the candy store outside the casino and Universal Studio
 The colorful Merlion here. Thats the Resorts World hotel I think in the background
As we enter the Main Street of Universal. Everything looks like that of Hollywood
 How do I look with a birthday cake hat? This shop is kind of cool in that you can try out and pose with the hats here without paying anything :) Perfect for people like me who is travelling on a dime
More street pics. Can't remember which street is this

Here we queue for a show which shows how special effects are created. Long queue though
 Woah watch out the boat is about to crash!
Found this alley. Didn't know I was transported to Gotham!
My wife wanted a taxi ride!
 And then we reach The Mummy world! OMG, we saw Brandon Frasier, or his lookalike! He was really tall
 And then there was the bad guys!
 Next we went to the Water World show which I think was the one where we enjoyed the most. It was a live and interactive show with the actors/stuntman and for those that plan to go, there is a place called the Splash Zone, and expect to get wet, very wet there!
 Look at the full house! Those sitting on the left in this picture which is closer to the action is the Splash Zone!
Calm before the storm!
 And the Action starts with a bang!
 Even an aeroplane crashes in!
We even got a group photo with the actors/crew/stuntman! Look how huge and muscular they are
Then we headed to the fairy castle! 
 Which is home to Shrek and Fiona!
 Inside is a 4D ride.
 After the ride, we head on over to Madagascar!
 Well, kiddie rides are OK with us
 The big tree. Do you see something dangling there? HEHEH
Another group picture
Some of the rides!
 This is the super roller coaster, which neither of us took!
 Time to head back to Main Street
 Wow, no wonder tickets are so expensive. Even the dancers are foreign
 Me posing with a Classic Car
 Checking out some souvenirs
 And right before we exited, got caught by Frankie here! Ouch! That was a fun trip indeed


  1. Hello,
    In March 2010, Universal Studios Singapore opened its doors to public and when visiting Singapore, one should stop at the Resorts World Sentosa theme park for a fun filled day.

    John Smith

  2. Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this.