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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disney On Ice at PISA, Penang 2012

After so many years of seeing posters of Disney on Ice, this year finally bought tickets to go there with my family. I guess Mya should be old enough to recognize some characters like Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, but I guess she spent more time eating :p
So we got the lowest price tickets, which was still RM68 each and the seating was at the highest tier level in PISA. But its not that bad, you still get an unblocked view of the show as PISA has staircase type seating! So, as we were there about 3.45pm (the show starts at 4.30pm), we managed to pick a pretty good spot for the seats. All the characters from Disney was there, which was really nice to see (well I think most of them were) and they had different costumes and themes throughout. The show has 2 parts, and in the middle, they have an intermission or rest time in which the skating ring was resprayed with a new layer and and chinks in the ice fixed up. Very professionally run and all in all, the show was about 1hour 45 mins long. Well worth it for the kids and parents alike! Go enjoy this.

And the show begins!
The rather simple backdrop

 Look at the crowd. There were more who were at the expensive seating area than there was for the cheaper ones. I think the VIP area was full!
 All the characters coming out to start the show!

 They are having a tea party!
 Magic Mickey! Thats Goofy in the background
 The skeleton king? Can't remember his name but my daughter called him "Pak Kuat Ching" in Cantonese
 Its a Halloween theme
 Mickey is out with another theme
 This time its about happy couples!

 In some holiday costumes!
 There was even a fire display! Didn't notice they put some stuff on the ice which burns!
 And the alien Stitch also made an appearance
 I think this was prior to the China theme
 Minnie dancing to sakura
 They even had a Christmas theme
 Even the toys are here! The baby and piggy was so so cute!
 And there is Buzz Light Year and Woody!
 Goofy and Pluto waving to the crowd
 The last show! And the end! Awwww