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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yong Pin Restaurant for Dim Sum

My friend Nicholas and I stumbled upon this place while we were looking for a place for some food and drinks in town. At first thought of going to Tai Tung but saw this and decided to give it a try. Well, when we arrived, there were already a few tables occupied and as time went by, the place just kept getting more crowded. After having the food here, I can now understand why. The Dim Sum here is served at night and till almost midnight. Besides Dim Sum, they also served noodles though on that night, I did not try any but from the many orders from other tables, it sure looked delicious. So my writeup for this entry would be only about their Dim Sum ya. Do leave comments too. As a note, their Dim Sum is really afford-ably priced and well worth the money! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they are located along Jalan Sungai Ujong which is same road as Cintra Street! Go google the address!

Yam puff or Wu Kok in Cantonese. The yam paste is use to wrap a mixture of pork and vegetables and then deep fried. The skin was soft and flaky and the filling was very well flavored. 
Fried prawn fritters with Mayonaise. The prawn fritters were very crispy with lots of bits of prawns in it

Just look at the prawn filling!
A look at the Dim Sum cart. As the waiter were passing our table, I took a quick snap of the varieties they have! So many delicious looking Dim Sum
Siew Mai is always a must try at any Dim Sum place and theirs here was very large which is why they only serve 2 pieces per plate
Minced meat in rice flour skin. I'm making up the name but this one is also very nice with a springy fish texture to the filling and the use of the rice flour skin (like that of Chee Cheong Fun) makes it very interesting
Another Dim Sum favorite is Har Kau or Prawn dumplings. The Har Kau here has very fresh prawns though my only slight complaint is the slightly thicker skin :)
Fried carrot cake or Lor Bak Ko! The carrot cake here is very crispy and no, its actually chinese radish and not carrot!
This is one of my favorite item for the night. Its fried tofu with stuffing. It comes in a bowl with some broth and it was really delicious. Probably because I have a love for tofu!
Steamed pork ribs with preserved black beans. The ribs were very tender and full of flavor and definitely will make pork lovers happy about it.
Another stuffed tofu but this time its a fried to fu pok version. The filling is also fried in this one and the portions were very large!
The general seating area. 2 shop lots in total

The pricing table. As you can see, the price is definitely reasonable
The steaming trays at the front of the shop
And their signboard in front


  1. Yong Pin Restaurant is at Facebook nw!!

  2. Tis restaurant had oledi more than 30 years.