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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hong Kong Street Sum Kee at Singapore 2011

I was brought to this place for dinner by my cousins and what I truly like about Singapores Chu Char is their love for fish heads. I mean, over here, one can get a very affordable fish head for only 12-13 Singapore dollars and this is also fresh carp. So since we had a big table for the night, we actually had 2 varieties of fish head. 
And Hong Kong Street Sum Kee is one such place that serves some very good chu char at affordable prices. For those that are in Singapore, this is a place where you can bring your family and have some really awesome food.
Read on.
Their menu
 How the place looks like. Simple and clean but do notice that theyhave quite a large kitchen.

Next to Sum Kee is a satay stall called Katong Satay
 We ordered 3 flavors, chicken, lamb and pork! Yummy and its just nice as appetizers before the dinner
 The peanut sauce was thick and creamy and not too spicy. Too bad they don't do it like Kajang Satay where you get to add your own chilli
 Dipping the succulent satay into the peanut sauce
 This is steamed carp fish head in black bean paste sauce. They don't just give you the head but more like half the fish all the way from the belly up. Delicious
 Fried chicken wing
 This is stir fried mixed vegetables. Simple and nice tasting with a mixture of black fungus and fish maw giving it extra texture and crunchiness

 This is the standard fried Kang Kong with Belacan or shrimp paste!
 Just look at all the food
 This was another favourite which was pigs tendons which has been deep fried and then stewed till they are soft. Very delicious as they stew it with roasted pork too. In the background is a stir fried sweet pea shoots with fresh garlic. Simple dish as the sweet pea shoots are already so sweet
 And finally, one more fish head. This one is in Indonesian curry sauce and again, the portion is huge. How I wish we get something like this in Malaysia


  1. Hello,
    Generally Hong Kong is well- known for the thousands of small authentic restaurants, where one can indulge in delicious food without having to dig too deep into the pocket.

    John Smith

  2. Hi, thanks for the comments and do agree about Hong Kong but this place is in Singapore :)