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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Durian King of Fruits and various fruits

I just realize that I still had a bunch of pictures of lots of fruits which I took when I was at my wife's aunt fruit shop. Well, I guess the main fruit that I would like to highlight is of course Malaysia's very own King of Fruits the Durian! I guess almost everyone in Malaysia would know what fruit Durian is but to foreigners, the only impression is that its a thorny smelly fruit which they would happily avoid. 
Thus I was pretty surprised to know that people from Hong Kong and China, and not to forget Singapore actually love this fruit so much that they are willing to have it flown over to have it fresh. I remembered an article where the God of Gambler in Macao got his private jet to Malaysia to fly some 80 Durians back to his home to share with his buddies! I'm not going to imagine how much that cost (but I guess since he is the God of Gamblers, he doesn't really care about money)
I was fortunate enough to be able to savor one of the most highly sought after varieties of Durian nowadays which is called the Mau Sang Wong, or Fox King! This variety was supposedly reserved for the royalties of Perak till someone managed to get a sapling growing and now it is much more widely grown.
The flesh is thick and creamy smooth and the aroma is equally intoxicating. Its really hard to describe Durian's taste as it ranges from sweet to bitter with sometimes a tinge of coffee after taste. But if you ever come across this variety, yeah you might not like it, but to Durian lovers, this will forever be the King of Fruits. Do note however that Durian is very rich in sugar and those with Diabetes are advise not to take Durian for your own sake. 

Nice star patterns!
Just look at the color and thickness

A better look at the thorn pattern. Make sure the bottom is not cracked open as it would mean its over ripe.

Yeah there was many Durians that time and we couldn't even finish one whole fruit as it was about 1.5kg

Yellow lemons!
Flowers. Interesting to note that flowers nowadays come dyed and not with their natural colors

Really large and juicy strawberries. I guess there is no such thing as 100% sweet strawberries in every pack unless its from the same tree.
Golden kiwis are just delicious and sweet compared to the green variety
These pineapples are ready to be eaten having a slightly orange yellowish color to it
You have  the King of Fruits so now lets meet the Queen of Fruits which is the Mangosteen. Suprisingly you can bring both of these types of fruits to hotels. The Durian because of the smell and the Mangosteen because it easily stains fabric and the stain is non removable! Having a sweet sourish flavor, Mangosteen seems to be easily accepted by all
Pamelo which is the best from Tambun, Ipoh
Baskets of fruits
So many colors

Rock melon
Large Fuji apples

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