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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Disneyland Hong Kong ~ Hong Kong 2011

This is a recollection of pictures while we were at Disneyland. It happened that we were there during the month of October and Halloween is very popularly celebrated there. So there were lots of Halloween themed decorations, even for Disney's characters! Just check out the many photos here. Its of note that you definitely should stay till the very end of the day when they have the fireworks, and in the afternoon, the parade!

The famous castle!

The main street with clear blue skies on that day

Did we enter a jungle?
Its the Lion King performance

Scary skulls
A talking robot? There are people like FBI's all over the place controlling the robot :p But the kids loved it!
One of the rides
Our lunch. Baked rice and pizza. Wasn't cheap but the portions are decent enough.

Colorful balloons!
The train station!
Special costumes for Mickey and Minney!

The parade has started!

My favorite shot of Mickey during the parade! Makes me smile looking at it

Can you spot the aliens? So cute!
Its a small world at night
The one show we missed because we were queuing so long for the Winnie The Pooh ride

The magic castle at night! Do not miss it

The entrance to Disneyland
Magical fountain
Saying goodbye to Disneyland

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