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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pipit Zakka Store

My wife loves everything zakka and that was how I got to know about Pipit Zakka Store which is located at SS2 in Petaling Jaya right opposite Poh Kong Jewelleries. They are using one of the rooms in the converted home upstairs and I must say, they really do have a good collection of stuff from many local and foreign artists. So what exactly is zakka? Well, I would say just google it up and you will be surprised by the explanation. To me, zakka is stuff that looks good :)
Anyway, so here at Pipit Zakka Store, you will be able to get many different items from shoes, to bags, to decorations, and the list continues to grow. They also sometimes have special themes and events and of course their annual Pipit Wonderful Market which is held at the Annexe Gallery at Central Market KL. This is a must attend event and the last time I went, the place was packed with people and I was really worried that I might get squashed! But that is a good thing as it means local artist are well appreciated and this is good. So just enjoy the pictures and check out their facebook and website for updates. I think from the photos here you will know what they are about!

This is their store front
 And the many things inside


  1. at central market? :) that's a good hunt for heritage stuff..

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  2. Hi FiSh

    Yeah they have the Pipit Wonderful Market at Annexe Galley which is at Central Market about once or twice a year. Their shop gallery is at SS2