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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lamma Island ~ Hong Kong 2011

On our last day in Hong Kong, my wife decided that we should visit Lamma Island! Well, we had to take a ferry and its from the Central Ferry Terminal where we boarded. There is 2 spots which the ferry goes to (each is a different ferry) and we opted to go to Yung Shue Wan village. This is a small fishing village and its as if we are suddenly transported back in time compared to the hustle and bustle in the city. For those looking for something different, can always try visiting the many islands in Hong Kong.
Small fishing boats dot the coastline of Lamma Island
Interesting homes on the hills 

 Once we get off from the jetty, the pier is lined with bicycles. There are no cars here as the roads are too narrow!
 Official you are here signboard
The bigger boat looked like those where they smuggle people! LOL
 Signboard for all the places to go

 Steep stairs

 This is Yung Shue Wan village

 There were lots of seafood stall. Not cheap though

 The many different buildings here

 One of the stall selling snacks
 Silver fish with different flavoring. It was quite cheap too

 There was an emergency where a person lock some people in the temple. The police and firemen were called.
 We bought a bun! Mya loved it

 We took a long walk to the beach and took some pictures on the way

 The drain covers has serial numbers?

 Under a big tree there was stools and tables

 Fresh Tau Fu Fa made with the spring water from the island. It was really smooth and fragrant from the soy bean. Also the ginger flavored syrup made it all the better.

 Do you see "House" picture there? It's NOT Lipus. WAHAHAH
 It was a really long walk to the beach



 On the way back, we stopped for lunch. Again a set meal
 This was fried pork ribs with white cabbage on flat noodles!

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