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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sights from Penang Hill

As mentioned in a previous post, was at Penang Hill and had the opportunity to walk around. This post is a compilation of some of my favorite sights of the day. I myself were surprised to find so many colorful and unique sightings here, almost like they say, right in your backyard! So just enjoy the photos in no particular order ya!

Cockerel on the rooftop!
A view from Bellevue Hotel

Fresh ginger flower from Bellevue Ginger Garden and Aviary
A white parrot
The large hornbill
Colors of the peacock

This blue macaw can say "Hello"
And this one says "Hi"
Hmm, this parrot so enjoying his sleep!
Mosque at the top of the hill
Gate House. Too bad they do not open it up to public
Path to Gate House
Path to Monkey Cup

The spectacular view
Some path to a private residence

Can see me?
Another little cottage house which I really loved
My wife would love this
Colors on the rocks
Everything here my wife would say is so zakka
Some rich family home
Trees against the sky
Flower in the crevice
Some wild berries I guess
Purple flowers
Red on Green
Another nice home
Colors of fall?
Patterns above
A British postbox that came all the way from England!
The gate to the cottage! Seriously wish I have a place like this someday

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