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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tamarind Brasserie @ PARKROYAL Hotel

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to have dinner at Tamarind Brasserie which is one of the many F&B outlets located at PARKROYAL Hotel. The Tamarind Brasserie can be said to be the inhouse restaurant which serves customers from breakfast all the way to dinner.
For me, I chose to have dinner and was lucky as February was the last month which they will have buffets here for weekdays. From March onwards, it actually gets better as the buffet will be by the beach at Uncle Zack by The Beach. So this is a recall of this beautiful place.

The very nice logo of Tamarind Brasserie!
There is various sitting locations which one can choose from, indoors, outdoors, by the patio, fully air conditioned, you name it, this place has it.

I always like it when food places tries to put some art or nostalgic touches to the place. This trishaw is filled with herbs and spices though I guess we will not have it all in one night.
The buffet line which was pretty well presented.
The grill station which will grill whichever food items which we can select from
Some of the selection which includes scallops, lamp, beef, squid and even mussels!
Some of the various sauces which can be chosen to go with the food available
They have many cooked dishes to choose from but the one that caught my attention was this one which was Chilli Crabs! I mean, how often can one find a buffet spread with this dish especially when they also used large crabs? This was yummy indeed. Too bad need to watch my cholesterol level :) Just a sampling piece will do
A quick peek at the desserts! Yes there is plenty more which included crepes with ice cream, and many other cakes and sweets!
The desserts corner in the foreground
You won't worry about the greens as they have a good choice here. There is also a good selection of cheese for sampling
I love fruits and there is quite a few to choose from. Too bad its not red dragon fruit or any mangoes available
One can also order something that is close to Penang hawker fare which is the Char Koay Teow! Here is a picture of the chef in action. I had a plate and it really was pretty good. Just wished they used nicer prawns
And finally I will show you my plates for the night (Thats Tandoori chicken and lor bak in front)
At the other end is lamb on the bone
This is my plate of Char Koay Teow. The prawns were large but I think they were of the frozen variety (this is just my thought)
They have some Japanese styled snacks. Well I term it snacks for baby octopus and also grilled eel (unagi)
I then tried some grill items, which is a piece of lamb, a mussel and 2 scallops. Its good to know they use scallop on the shell as these are way better than those which are frozen and pumped full of water.
Overall, I think its a pretty enjoyable experience at Tamarind Brasserie. Their menu changes often and I believe that they have some promotions on Sundays such as buy 1 free 1 which I then think is really worth it. But again, do call to check on their latest promotions ya!


  1. This is the one buffet i looking for! So great with the grilled dishes

  2. Hey Nikel
    Thanks for dropping by
    You should go when they have the promo, then really worth as buy 1 free 1 lo