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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mong Kok Part 2 ~ Hong Kong 2011

One of the must do on our list while in Hong Kong was to try out the chicken egg puff. The ones in Hong Kong is unique in that they sell the whole piece whereas the ones locally (kuih bahulu) they sell in individual pieces. A must try street dish in Hong Kong. Find out what else we had in Mong Kok.

 Drink from Hoi Lau San ( I think I pronounced it right?) This was the mango juice which was absolutely delicious (again, not cheap though). This stall is everywhere in Hong Kong (lots of chain stalls)

 Ladies Market. This place really comes alive at night
 As we were hungry (haven't had dinner after coming from Disneyland), we decided to experience food at a local eatery. There was food served by the sets like in the TVB series, and the best part, the chinese tea served by the waiter and even the cleaner asking us to lift up our legs while she mops the floor! Priceless experience

The cups are not full as if not, his fingers will be dipping in the tea. Now can you imagine how the cups are held? :p
  We decided on 2 sets, and each set, with chinese tea and tea/coffee, soup and main course only cost HKD35!
The mixed vegetable soup
 Cream of corn soup
 One cup of tea and another coffee
 Pork chop rice. The slap of pork chop was thick (at least 1cm after cooking) and for some reason, all the rice sets comes with a big plate of rice
 Chicken fried with spring onion and ginger. Just look at the amount that they serve on a plate. Not stingey in my opinion
 After the filling dinner (we couldn't finish all the rice), we stroll around before heading back home.
 We were on Tung Choi Street. Interesting most of the streets here are named after vegetables
 A mini bus!
 The MRT station say it all where we were!

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