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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Qi Kee Restaurant ~ Hong Kong 2011

How can we go to Hong Kong but not have any of their famous Wan Tan Mee right? So we went to Chi Kee Restaurant which is famous for the noodles! This branch is located in a shopping mall but I just can't recall where it is. Its just next to the Mong Kok MRT station though. Just look at the delicious bowl and its very sizeable dumplings. Read on!

This is how the shopping mall look like. The restaurant is located on the ground floor next to a very large food court.

The restaurant which was pretty crowded
Their cups and this is how you spell Qi Kee in chinese
Their menu printed on paper
Mya with her McDull toy!
The McDull
One of the appetizer which is the stewed white radish! Really delicious
Another side dish which is Hong Kong Kai Lan with the oyster sauce on the sides. How interesting to have it like this.
When the noodle arrive, it looked small and not very special but the soup had a dark color. Whats special about the noodles in Hong Kong is that its crunchy and springy and this is how I really like it.

The dumplings were hiding at the bottom and its large and filled with prawns. Very succulent and much better than the normal wan tan.
Interestingly, if you order their noodle sets, you can order a cup of their soy bean drink for just HKD3!
Another interesting dish we had was the fresh water crab porridge. You get a whole crab in the small bowl in the bamboo tray

There was lots of crab roe also and the porridge was infused by the freshness of the crabs.
Finally, there is their special Wan Tan Noodle with prawn roe paste. This is their unique recipe where the prawn roe is made into a paste and then mixed with the noodle in a dry style. Its slightly salty but has a very crunchy texture. Can't find this anywhere that I know in Malaysia.


  1. Hello,
    One can find the Hong Kong's local food scene is heavily dominated by wonton noodle and dim sum and these are possibly the two most popular local dishes.

    John Smith

  2. Oh, the wantan mee doesn't look very appetizing to me. I'm just too used to the Penang style.