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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stall 28 Koay Teow Thng ~ Chai Leng Park Foodcourt

For those who are familiar with Chai Leng Park in Seberang Prai, one will know that this is a goldmine for food lovers as there is just so many hawkers and restaurants here. Today I will share with a you all a Koay Teow Thng stall which is at the Chai Leng Park foodcourt. The stall is number 28 and it has a very simple outlook. But do not be fooled by this as I was truly surprised by what a good Koay Teow Thng which they serve. Besides tasting good, its very cheap too at only RM2.80 per bowl! What a great deal. This place is opened daily from about 6.30am till about noon. Do try it out.

Just look at that yummy bowl of noodles. There is prawns, lots of minced pork and also sliced pork, some fried lard and of course some fried garlic. Did you also notice the chilli sauce? Its a very good one too

  This is how the foodcourt looks like. Its located along Medan Kurau 2

And this is the stall itself. No fancy decorations here. Just simple hawker fare
 The crowd enjoying their breakfast here! You can expect a decent crowd here daily


  1. Yeah, cheap and good! Thats what great food is about

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