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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bora Bora by Sunset, Great Place, Great Food

Who would have thought that there is a quaint special place in Batu Ferringhi that is reminiscent of that of Bali or some far away exotic island? Well, that place is non other than Bora Bora! This cafe/bar/restaurant, is located at the popular stretch of Batu Ferringhi just next to The Ship and Tarbush. The place has both an indoor and outdoor seating area which is great as that mean rain or shine, you can have an enjoyable time here. Was lucky that I got to sample their upcoming October promotion which is quite a deal. 

For their October 2011 promotion, for only RM36, you can get the below :

Wild Mushroom Soup 
Bora Bora Papadum with Salsa Sauce

Mains :
Spaghetti Fettucine with Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragu 
Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beedf/Chicken and Prawns
Grilled White Fish with Citrus Lemon Butter Sauce
Stir Fried Beef or Chicken served with Rice, Salad, Papadum and Egg

Dessert :
One Scoop Ice Cream

Drinks :
Ice Peach Tea or Ice Lemon Tea

So read on to find out more about this place ya!

Address : 
Lot 415, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100, Penang, Malaysia
Operating hours :
Sun-Thurs : 12Noon - 1.00am
Fri, Sat & Eve of Public Holiday : 12Noon - 3.00am
GPS : N5.47447 E100.24811
Phone : +6012-553-1313

The sign on the beach pointing to this place!
Spaghetti Fettucine with Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragu
Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beedf/Chicken and Prawns
The outdoor seating area on the beach. Lots of area for even a large crowd. This place is great to chill out in the evenings watching the sunset.

The entrance from the beach
There is even a pool table inside! So grab a drink and you can spend hours here
Colorful stirrers! Which one do you fancy?
An assorted bar with so many to choose from. Just name your poison and I'm sure they have it
Interesting table and stool! I think its made from something old
The bar seating area
Warning! Don't mess with the boss here. Thats a bull's skull for your information!
ShiSha anyone? This is available only in the evenings till late

Strawberry yoghurt drink. They have a few varieties here
Thats kiwi blended and vanilla at the back! Not everything will get you drunk
Banana yoghurt drink. Yum Yum
Their ever popular peach and lemon tea. You will be sure that its full of flavor here!
Wild Mushroom Soup. Made with 2 different varieties of mushrooms and cooked from scratch, this mushroom soup is very flavorful and one will be able to get a good dose of mushrooms!

Bora Bora Papadum with Salsa Sauce. Now, you can probably get papadum at practically every nasi kandar stall but I can say that this is the only place in Penang with such a Salsa Sauce. Their sauce is made from their own secret recipe and its both refreshing, taste bud tantalizing and also gives you that oomph feeling! This is one snack plate that one must try here.

Spaghetti Fettucine with Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragu. Now I'm a big fan of Fettucine as it reminds of of Pan Mee. Hahah. Well, I just like flat noodle in pasta form I guess. This fettucine is cooked in a flavorful mushroom ragu sauce that is both creamy and thick. This really absorbs well into the fettucine and gives each bite a good taste. The grilled chicken is also very well marinated and that is some tanginess to it from the herbs and spices that complements the fettucine very well. Can't go wrong with this one.
Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beedf/Chicken and Prawns. Looking for a more Asian flavor, then you are in luck at this Vietnamese noodle soup will definitely get your taste buds pumping. Coming in a large bowl, you get 2 XL size prawns and either beef or chicken together in one! The soup has an eggy texture and you will be able to taste the seafood base used to make it. Yummy indeed.

Grilled white fish with citrus lemon butter sauce. Most restaurants nowadays skimp on their choice of fish and just pick Dory fish as its both cheap and comes in fillets. Here, they use white fish which is much thicker and juicier compared to Dory and they have created a fish dish which is worth your dollars. 2 large grilled fish slice, lots of potatoes and salads on the side make this a memorable dish. The lemon butter sauce also works well as a dressing for the salad with its tangy taste.

Stir fried beef or chicken served with rice, salad, papadum and egg! For rice lovers, this is a good choice to go for and the portion is surely enough for a food meal. You get a bit of everything here with the stir fried meat being a good complement to go with the rice. A plus is that the papadum also comes with their very good Salsa Sauce. Tips to you all who would try this, the Salsa Sauce goes very well with the fried egg too!

And last but not least, their dessert which consist of a scoop of ice cream with some dressing of the day. I guess this is a good way to cool down the stomach after a hearty meal!

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  1. Slurps~ I want to try out the Spaghetti Fettucine with Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ragu again. One plate is surely not enough for me with all the greatness in the body and taste~ :)