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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Food on Thai Airways - Copenhagen to Bangkok, Bangkok to KL

So posting the last leg of my trip
This is the food served on my flight as I was on my way back!
The food was ok, but the inflight entertainment was a real disappointment. Also, there was hardly any in between meals and even that was limited to instant noodles that was meant for breakfast :(

It started great with the chicken satay sticks. Too bad only got 2 sticks and not many extras available 
 Appetizer to the main meal. Some shrimp, pasta, salad and asparagus. Looking good so far
 A better look at the pasta. This is a cold dish

 The many trays of the main course
 I had the Thai pork curry with rice
 The curry was great
 But the rice was not that well cooked. But I think it might have been because of the reheating using the microwave
 Dessert was cheese and fruits. Not a big cheese fan
 There was also a strawberry tart

 This was my late night supper. Wokeup and felt hungry and practically had to beg for this. This was actually their morning option. My colleague saw me and followed suit to order before they stopped it :p

 The roasted pork slice was good
 Waking up to the morning breakfast with a serving of fruits

 And I chose an omelette with bacon, tomato and some mushrooms

 As I got into Bangkok International Airport, once again, grab some stuff at the lounge. Similar food items available consisting of puffs, Siu Mai, cocktail sausage and pau!

 There was macaroni with chicken ball soup
 I added some paprika or fried chilli flakes to spice it up abit
 Then this was what I had from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. Noodles with prawns. They didn't skimp on the prawns and there was alot of it.

And the fruits were even carved with patterns

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