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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Italiano Restaurant, Another Italian food place in Copenhagen

What a surprise that on the last night that we were in Copenhagen, we ended up eating at another Italian restaurant. Well, I guess its not a bad thing and the fact that this place was packed, we thought it should be good. Well, no complaints about the ambience or food. Its was a really lovely place with many flowers and all, and the food is still way better than those found in Malaysia.

The colorful pots of flower hanging basket
 Big sunflower
 Our waiter who greeted us. It was abit slow for the service as there was just so many people

 My Tuborg
 This is like a large curry puff but without curry. Inside is a mixture of meat and cheese, something like a inside out pizza

See the inside, so juicy, I think there were some pasta strips too
 I had pizza for this meal. The meat and all was good but the pizza dough was abit tough

 These are ravioli. I hope I spell it right. Its like dim sum. The pasta is used to wrap the filling which is really creamy. Then the put it in tomato paste

 This was my friends pizza which I ended up helping to chow down as well. Its a plain pizza with no meats in it but lots of cheese

 Another of my friend had seafood pasta. I didn't opt for this as I had the lobster one the other day. But I did taste it and the lobster one was way better.

 Some olives that came with some bread
 The gang

 We sat outside but this is the interior. It was very cozy too

 And dessert. I can't help but order a tiramisu to compare. Again, sorry to say but the other one was just better

 My friend ordered coffee and they used Illy! Yum yum

And that's goodbye

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