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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Restorante Il Peccato, a must try Italian Restaurant in Copenhagen

This is probably one of the best Italian restaurants I have had the opportunity to dine in before. Its located in the heart of Copenhagen. Its at a corner lot and there are also lots of seating area out front. Just look at the photos below and you can start drooling.

The facade of the restaurant. Simple nice wood decals
 The inside semi open kitchen

 The young pizza chef
 The interior have a few different setting, from soft moody lighting to brighter more casual areas

 The bar is just filled with drinks. Prominently displayed are their coffee. Now I wish I had a cuppa there

 The outdoor seating area. Open and spacious.

 Yes, thats me.
 And my colleagues and boss

 Some cider
 Bread being served
 Tomato soup

 Vegi pizza. Huge for 1 person but its very thin and crunchy
 This one is with meat and mushrooms
 And this is my meal for the day. Lobster with pasta. This pasta dish is served with half a lobster. Its not big but the way its cooked, you can taste the lobster's sweetness in the pasta as the sauce is just thoroughly infused with the aroma. My guess would be that the lobster is first cooked and then made into the sauce with some wine and then the pasta is stirred in. I can still remember the taste even though its been months since I have had this. For those that love seafood, this is surely a must try pasta dish!
 And then, I saw that they have Tiramisu. How can I pass this one right? So I ordered a piece and its excellent as well. Very authentic with lots of the creamy cheese and the finger biscuits are great! Definitely no regrets having this and probably only regretted by not ordering more. That's why to me, this is a must try Italian place!

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