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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tasik Beris Grape Farm

Many have wondered, is grapes really a viable crop in Malaysia, with its hot and humid weather? Well, at Tasik Beris, the Tasik Beris Grape Farm is a showcase farm that is to let Malaysians have a glimpse at how grape farming can be a sustainable venture in Malaysia. Initially, I thought that this farm right next to Beris Lake was the actual farm but after driving around Lake Beris, I found out that this is actually just the showcase farm and that the actual mass production grape vineyards are located further away, covering tracts of hilly land that surrounds this man made lake. There are 2 types of grape variety that is grown here and I call it green and red. From what I can see, these are the main types and even within the colors, they have different shapes and sizes among the species. Read on to see more

The sign board prominently displayed at the entrance

You can see some explanations about the farm
Well sculptured landscape means this place is well kept and managed
There is even a souvenir shop here as well as ticket counter to buy your entrance ticket (RM4 for adults)
As you begin to enter the vineyard which is fully shaded by plastic sheets which prevents direct rain water, you are greeted by these large barrels which I presume would be to make wine?
And then you will be greeted by rows and rows of grapes, dangling no more than a few feet off the ground
The vines are all neatly planted
Succulent bunches of grapes. These are the long green variety which according to the workers here are the sweetest table grapes the farm produces
Don't pluck the grapes ya, as you are being watched
There is a nice seating and resting area within the vineyards

Then another section, they grow the red variety
Big juicy dark red grapes
One really feels tempted to just pluck and eat it. But don't do that as it seems they use alot of sprays on the grapes based on the whitish coating you see on the fruits
And there you have it, rows and more rows of grapes. Its really wonderful that they are able to grow grapes here in Malaysia and I guess its a good experience especially for the kids. But I was just really surprised that they were practically fumigating the plants with some chemicals. Not sure if its organically based but the smell did put me off. Nice to see, but not sure nice to eat or not. Do comment if you have tried it!

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