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Saturday, October 20, 2012

43 Cafe ~ Homemade Pork Burgers and More!

Penang has been bustling with new addition to the food scene and that is music to my ears for a food lover like me. Well, about a couple of months back, a prominent food blogger decided that he will venture into making one feisty pork burger as he believes that this is one of the burgers that is lacking in Penang, not to mention the whole of Malaysia. The owner is none other than Jacgy Chan and he has since start up shop in his own backyard (or front) and is making waves in the porkie burger scene! So do read on to find out more about what is available from this guy at 43 Cafe.

So to start any burgers, you will surely need burger buns. OK, he doesn't make the buns himself but he takes much effort to ensure that he finds the best available burger bun for his diners. These are the soft fluffy burger buns complete with sesame seed for your burgers.

Besides burgers, he does have a few more items on the menu and soup is one of them. Now, there is no fixed menu for these but it depends on the availability of the ingredient at the market daily. Yes, he shops daily at the market to ensure he gets the freshest of ingredients.
Here we have the homemade mushroom soup which comes with toasted bread. The soup for the affordable price (only RM3), surely cannot compare with those high end restaurants, but its surely flavorful and good enough to start a meal.
You can tell that he blends everything in
Was lucky to get to try their pumpkin soup that day. Smooth and silky and you really get to sample the flavors of the pumpkin.
This is the tomato plum smoothie (RM3) which is something my kid just loves. In the background is the hot ginger tea (rm1.50) which is really amazing. So spicy and hot and great for is you are feeling cold. Actually it is best for a hangover too!
This is their famous satay also known as Nom Nom Nom. There is both pork and chicken and as you can see, this family recipe has the sauce already on the satay itself. Its actually made in a grill and thus, you don't get the overly burnt residue as one typically gets with charcoal fired satay. Its also not overly spicy and even my 5 year old enjoys it.
Yum Yum indeed
Actually before coming to this place, I have never heard of egg pecah toast. Well this RM2 piece of toasted bread with a half cooked egg with their homemade sambal belacan is surely delicious. I just find that you really need to eat this one fast before the toast gets too soggy!
Close of of the Egg Pecah Toast

And finally comes their pork burgers!
For the meal we had, we ordered all doubles which is basically you get a double patty instead of one! I must say, you really should go for a double patty if you want to get stuffed! For ladies, I guess the standard burger is enough with 1 90gram patty but to get the oomph, go for the double!
Notice the stick at the top? Its used to hold the burger in place as else you will be struggling to eat the burger with everything running around
I just love the way the cheese melts all over the patty
You can choose from a variety of sauces for the burger which includes their black pepper and BBQ sauce. Original is still the chefs favorite as he wants you to truly savor the flavors of the burger patty with all the herbs and spices
At prices from RM5 for the standard pork burger, its definitely a good alternative to your regular McD's. Also do note no MSG, artificial flavoring or preservatives are used here. All natural, all fresh
A must try burger and currently only available in Penang

To wash it all down and to complete the meal, what else but homemade icecream right
Its RM6 for 2 scoops and again, the flavor depends on whats available. We managed to try the Malta and Basil and I think it was pandan flavor and surely, it does not disappoint. I would say that each person likes a different flavor but the unique ones definitely would be the Malta and Basil ones. Its strong in flavor and something very different. I was surprised at how milky smooth his ice creams are and surely can challenge many famous icecream brands out there.
Smooth texture
The seating area in front of 43 Cafe. Well, its his homes car porch and garden
Lots of space
You can't miss this corner lot house
43 Cafe is open daily for dinner from about 5pm till 9-10pm depending on their availability
Sometimes he does open for lunch. Best is to give Jacgy a call at +6016-4307009
It is located at 43, Jalan Sungai Dua, Penang. This is basically the same road going to USM from N Park cross junction. If you know Sungai Dua, its the row of houses overlooking the main road and where many photo copying shops are located!

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