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Monday, September 24, 2012

LightHouse Coffee's Coffee Appreciation Session

During August, I was lucky to be invited to join a coffee appreciation session that was organized by Foodsion Magazine and Lighthouse Coffee. At first I did not know what to expect from this other than trying out different type of coffees but I guess end of the day, became a little bit wiser about the types of coffee, ways to prepare a cuppa and of course, the different styles of drinks that we normally have. So do read on if you are a coffee person.

Lattes. You will see more or how this was done soon

Different types of syrups to flavor your cup of coffee
 This looks like a really old coffee grinder
 Colorful coffee cups
Well, the coffee appreciation workshop was not held at Bishop Street which is where Lighthouse Coffee's cafe is located but its held at their other facility located at Jalan Kek Chuan off Macalister Rd. The building is located at a row of really colorful heritage buildings

Just love the light coming in through the window
The coffee roasting machine
Finally the class at the upper floor. Well layout with many different coffee brewing machines available for us to see
Everyone taking their seat
Our instructor for the day, Victor, who is da boss of coffee here!
This is a siphon apparatus. Used for making siphon coffee.
How is this latte made? Well, first a shot of coffee followed by the milk.
The milk is skilfully poured into the coffee to get the pattern. Its worth noting that the temperature of the milk would make or break the coffee!
The participants all coming up for a closer look!
Sampling a fine cup of latte
Overall, this is a great course for those looking to expand their knowledge about coffee as not only we get to learn about coffee, but also its great to mingle. You can contact them via their website at and also would like to thank Foodsion Magazine for this opportunity too!

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