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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thai Food Restaurant, Penang

I have seen many restaurants with fancy names and all, but I think this one beats every single one of it. The restaurant is called Thai Food Restaurant! Yes, so as to confused people everytime we want to have some Thai food, then we say lets go for Thai Food and they will say yeah, where, Thai Food, ya, so which place, Thai Food, you get the drift!
So here at Batu Lanchang, near where the famous foodcourt and wet market, there is a new Thai Restaurant that just opened and without ado, do check out their yummilicous food. I was really lucky I guess to be invited to this review right before their official opening!

The exterior of the restaurant. Nothing too fancy here

Inside you will find a simple layout a minimalist decoration

Lemon grass drink. You can order it in a whole jug. Helps to relieve the spiciness!
Starters of raw vegetables with the sambal. Notice how generous they are with the sambal
Deep fried kang kung was very crispy. This good portion is only RM8.
Kerabu fungus just sounds abit weird but basically its a kerabu made with black fungus and other ingredients. This one is RM12 and boy, it sure burns a hole in the tongue. Surely an appetizer that has a kick to it!
Tom Yam Nam Sai (RM28) is a white tom yam and its laden with seafood. For an 8 pax, everyone is assured a large prawn and its nice to note the seafood used is very fresh.
Pineapple fried rice at RM12 for a large portion actually tasted pretty good, even though it doesn't look the part. This simple fried rice managed to capture and blend the taste of the pineapple nicely making this a good item to go with the spicy offerings
Apple kerabu (RM12) for a large portion is slightly different from the normal kerabu's available in that they use green apple as the main item for this salad dish. The apple's crunchiness goes well especially with the cashew nut, but end of the day, my preference for kerabu is still to use mangoes!
Stuff Otak Chicken wings at only RM3.50 per piece is a steal. Grab as many as you can as having a deep fried chicken wing that is stuffed with an otak otak paste is just superb.
A close up look of all that goodness
3 flavor squid at RM30 for a large portion would appeal well to squid lovers. This is a simple dish at a glance but much skill is needed to ensure that the squid does not get overcook and turn all rubbery. Thumbs up here
Prawn cakes at RM3 each is to my opinion, not that great. I would rather opt for the chicken wings mentioned earlier but this is an all time favorite with kids as its just like a fried nugget, albeit a homemade one.
Roasted pork knuckle at RM18 feels kind of expensive, but considering the price of pork nowadays, it then feels ok. The pork is roasted till the skin is crispy and this is the main attraction to pork lovers. Fatty crispy skin with lots of juicy meat from a knuckle is a no brainer for pork lovers.
Gaeng Som Siakap is a steam siakap or seabass in a thai spicy sauce. It costs RM28 and I would say the fish was pretty small. As you can see from the picture, the fish can't even fill up the tray its sitting on. Taste wise, it could do better with more tanginess to it.
An overview of the dishes!
Cha Om Omelette (RM8) is made with that special kind of leaf that is imported from Thailand. Wonder if that leaf is called Cha Om as I just can't recall it. It sure was tasty, with the vegetable giving it a nice texture to the otherwise plain omelette. Another good option for the kids
And finally to round of a heavy meal, wash it down with a bowl of Tub Tim Krob at RM4.50 per bowl. Its similar to any that you can find and only difference is that the version here adds home made jelly into the mix as well.
Overall, if you are looking for a homely and affordable Thai food, you can surely check this place out. I heard that they are doing pretty well even just after opening in end July 2012 so this is surely nice to know.
Address : 19L Medan Batu Lanchang, 11600 Penang
Phone : 012-4869191
GPS : 5.38949 100.30536

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