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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Biz lounge at Penang International Airport & Penang-Bangkok via Thai Airways

So, there I was, reaching the airport about 6.30am for my flight to Bangkok from Penang airport. I was surprise that the airport was pretty crowded, its either lots of tourist/visitors or the airport is just plain small. I felt so proud as first time I did not have to queue at the ticket counter as I had a business class ticket. First smile of the day. Checking was smooth and I was given a small piece of paper giving access to the MAS lounge on the upper floor of the departure hall. I have to say that the lounge is really hidden away and its such a waste that its not more visible.
But the inside was very relaxing and pleasing. The lounge was pretty well maintained, with lots of sofas available. There is even a kids room and I'm sure it will be very handy with kids around. There is a drinks counter where one can order drinks and then there is the buffet spread. Not much to be had as its really early in the morning. There was nasi lemak with fried chicken and belacan, lots of varieties of sandwiches and also some chicken sausages. Well I only managed the sausages as my wife had prepare a "chung" for me prior which I already had! I also ordered a Mochachino and this was nice. Once you order it, the staff will bring it to where you sit. Good service it is. As it was almost time, I finished my drink and headed to the departure gate which was already open.
As I reached, there was a long queue waiting, and lo and behold, I was greeted by a sign right at the front inviting biz class to board the plane first. They practically stopped the queue! Second smile of the day. As I boarded the plane, was glad that the biz class seats were actually slightly bigger and more comfortable and off on the flight I was.
Immediately, drinks were served even before the flight took off, and endless flow of food and beverages seems to be what you pay for in a biz class ticket. As we took off, the menu was brought so that we can choose what we would like for our meal. So the starter was a plate of fresh fruits which included kiwi, orange,  papaya, grape and rock melon. Not bad as all the fruits were properly peeled and presented nicely with the contrasty colour and taste. The the meal which I selected was the chicken teriyaki with noodles. The chicken was well marinated but was abit dry and tough. The noodles though was pretty good even if we know all these food is pre-heated in the microwave. All in all, a pretty decent journey so far on this 2 hour flight to Bangkok. The scene through the windows was lovely and I did take a couple of sky pictures too. That's all for now, and hopefully I get more time to continue uploading.
 The MAS Lounge at Penang International Airport
 3 chicken sausages
 My Mochachino
 Cloudy skies
 Fresh fruit platter
 Chicken Teriyaki with noodles
 Thai Airways Cutlery
 Overall serving of the meal

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