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Sunday, January 27, 2013

SOHO and Lan Kwai Fong daytime Part 2, Hong Kong 2012

So my walk continues in this posting as there is just so many photos to share. So enjoy the photos and minimalist descriptions ya.

This place reminds me of San Francisco with its steep roads on hilly terrain

Even though cars are a luxury, you still see many on the road
And I still get amaze everytime I see scaffoldings made from bamboo!
Shiny skyscrapers line the Hong Kong streets
Old folks just chilling on a park bench
More street pictures

Stumbled upon this cheese shop
They have a large selection of gourmet cheese as well as house wine

There are many staircases around this area and they all look about the same!
Begonias are so colorful and these are planted by the city

This street was full of shops selling old/antiques
Managed to grab something for my wifey

Can find all sorts of funny old stuff here
An old bicycle. Interestingly is that the tires are not the same size.

In the middle of the stairs also you can have stalls
Public toilet :p
Saw another restaurant and it was packed!
Stopped by a famous temple

There was this chic looking restaurant and they had a superb window display
Fresh oysters
I just love photographing scenes like this

Back to the food street

Pipe meters
A small temple at a street corner

Some of the streets are so narrow

What do you think this is ? Its actually a dim sum restaurant. Abit out of my expectations, its like eating dim sum in some Italian place with dark lighting and all
Actually saw a shop gto splashed with red paint and there were police officers interviewing some people

This stall is supposed to fix broken umbrellas. Heheh

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