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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Xixi Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Guangzhou City Centre

Right at the Holiday Inn Guangzhou City Centre where I stayed, there is actually a pretty popular Chinese Restaurant which serves some nice Dim Sum daily. Its also a good thing that there was 3 of us and thus we were able to order a number of Dim Sum as the portion of each variety is pretty big. The restaurant probably has close to 50 table and when we arrived about 7.45am it was already pretty pack but we still managed to get a seat. The ordering is via the standard piece of paper to select what you want with a tick but since I can't read, I just told the waitress what I wanted. So, do have a look and see if its different to have Dim Sum in Guangzhou than somewhere else.

This is an item I have not had before. Its actually red dates cake, and its like a jello texture. Actually did not think of ordering this but I saw so many tables having it and asks for the same thing. Its not overly sweet and you can really taste the red dates flavor in it. Also, its served warm and not cold.
Phoenix clawa. The chicken feet here is different than those in Malaysia in that the chicken feet has not been pre-fried. The ones here are stewed instead.

Springroll with prawn filling.
Chee Cheong Fun with pranws. I have to say that the rice noodle was exceptionally thin and the prawns were also very fresh. The soy sauce complimented it well. Not a bad attempt but still can't fight those in Hong Kong.
And this one is with mushroom filling. Actually I felt that this one is better than the one with the prawn. Probably because the taste is more unique than the more common prawns
Har Kau or prawn dumplings. Again, I don't find it exceptional other than it being of a large size.
Lau Sar Pau or egg yolk custard bun. The egg yolk custard was smooth but I don't think its enough i nthe large bun.
Carrot cake was sliced thick and then pan fried till its crispy. It comes with some spicy chili which complements the carrot cake. The carrot cake at least does not have wax sausages which I'm not very fond of so its good to me.
Siew Mai or meat dumpling. Again, it taste and looks like your typical siew mai but the only difference is in the size only. I was hoping to order more unique siew mai's but I couldn't read the menu!
Siew Loong Pau or Soup dumpling. Now this one is a disappointment as the skin of the dumpling was very thick and hard and also the soup within was not that tasty. For those that has tried the dumpling at Dragon-i in Malaysia, I feel that one is still one of the best
And this is an overall view of all the food that we had ordered. Of course if you notice, drinks are of course chinese tea. The overall pricing here is pretty reasonable as the total amount that was spent on this breakfast meal is about RM80 only. 

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