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Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Sheep Hot Pot, Guangzhou Food Trail 2012

I managed to have one proper dinner out of the factory I was in while in Guangzhou and we decided to have hot pot or steamboat. The place is called Little Sheep as the highlight here is lamb meat rolls to be used with the hot pot. Initially I was expecting a lamb soup/stew kind of hot pot but I guess its also like the steamboat which we get in Malaysia. So do scroll down, enjoy the photos, and my mini captions about this place. Enjoy.

Each person have their personal pot, and one can choose 1 or 2 soup base! This is mine, original clear soup as well as tomato soup. Not too bad for their soup base!

This is their appetizers. They seem to like black fungus alot as well as cold cucumber and cabbages
 Their colorful menu. Its not that pricey
 The only English on the menu.. ehehe
 The lamb slices
 A general outlook of the place. Its quite big but I do regret wearing my jacket there as the smell from the soups really permeates onto your clothing
 This is the Ma Lat, or super spicy soup base
 Various other condiments to choose to put in the soup
  The main table, filled with stuff!
 My personal pot and the condiments in the background
 This is BBQ lamb skewers. Pretty good. Abit like satay though no sauce and on a metal stick instead
 This is the spicy version. Of course Malaysians like this one better
 See how much meat we ordered
 All is different cuts, as you can see from the difference in the amount of fat
 Overall a nice experience, though not exceptional as they do not exactly have that many items on the menu to choose from for the hot pot. I still find those in Taiwan the top of the league for hot pots/steamboat

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