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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yung Kee Restaurant Hong Kong 2012

Finally got to sample another famous Hong Kong restaurant and this time it is Yung Kee Restaurant located at Central. This place is famous for their roast goose and since we were there for breakfast, we had ordered their dim sum as well. When we asked for the menu, was abit surprised that the waiter just gave a piece of paper with just a small selection of items on it. When asked, they mentioned that that is all the varieties of dim sum that they have. Oh well, I guess no complaints then,
So do check out this place, I understand it also has a Michelin star, though it seems that when you are walking around Central, many stalls also have a star or two!

This is what they are famous for, roast goose! Because we were early, we got to choose the leg portion and even which leg too!

This is their dim sum selection
 How not to try their Har Kau or prawn dumplings right
 They have some promotions too
 Now, I was expecting abit better for this version of pork liver with meatball. The liver was obviously overcooked and it is not even stuck to the meatball.
 Another view of the roast goose. So I guess the verdict is that since I have not really had many roast goose before in my life, I can't really comment if this is fantastic or not. The fact that the goose is very juicy and tender and the skin crispy, makes it worthwhile for me in this try. But its not exactly cheap though.
 This is the pork dumpling or Siew Mai. Again nothing exceptional
 You can see the items from outside the restaurant. The place is pretty big and has 2 storeys but you really should get there before 11am to get a place and have your orders done quick. Hong Kong folks love to do brunch for their Sunday Dim Sum and treats it like a family gathering so if you expect to come during noon and not booked a table, be prepared to wait as not many would be leaving soon.

 Well, thats it for this restaurant. Famous and pricey, but not the best in my books for the dim sum. The goose though is a different story and what they are famous for!

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  1. omg! bad decision to hop over to your bloggie at this ungodly hour! making myself salivate looking at the screen T____T

    i wanna go back to Yung Kee again and have a roast goose thigh! om nom nom nom!