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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sing Kee Restaurant, Hong Kong 2012

Watching so many Hong Kong TVB series, one place that I notice many locals would visit to have dinner are at roadside Chu Char or Tai Pai Tong. Thus it was abit of a challenge to try to find a local restaurant at the back alleys. Well, it seems that the stall that we initially wanted to visit was not opened that night but there was another one next door. This one is actually from Sing Kee Restaurant where they just put their tables in the back alley. Kinda interesting concept, where you eat pretty far from the restaurant itself but I guess its more cosy and quiet and cooling than being cramped up in the restaurant. So do read up on this short write up. Affordable and nice tasting food Hong Kong style.

Hanging lobster shells at the restaurant. Kinda interesting decoration and its so well preserved.

 The back alley where they serve the food
 Taking orders from customers. Surprisingly even though its at a back alley, they are still pretty packed.
You had to walk through this alley to reach the seating area 
The actual resturant
 This is stir fried clams with vegetable. The clams were abit tiny and the fact that the shells kind of gotten broken into tiny pieces makes it not that appetizing as you keep biting into the clam shells

 This is sweet and sour garoupa fish. The fish was very fresh and comes in large pieces. This one is good
 Probably my favorite from the night, this is sweet pea shoots with scallop sauce. I was really surprised by the amount of scallop in the sauce. Every bite is filled with the sweetness of the scallop and the sweet pea shoot has a nice crunchiness to it. Highly recommended this one
 The overall dishes that we had for the dinner

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