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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kampai 99, An affordable Taiwanese dining in Penang

Well, more and more dining outlets continue to crop up in Penang and Kampai 99 is another such outlet and this time, brings a new concept where the food is priced affordably and gives diners a chance to savor many different kinds of freshly cooked meals. I was surprised to see the amount of fresh seafood on display at the front of the store, and among them were yummy looking salmons, cuts of different fishes as well as scallops and other shellfish! There were even live fish tanks and this is something that definitely will appeal to those seeking the freshest options available.
So what makes Kampai 99 different? Its definitely in their pricing scheme where most items are priced at RM9.90 which is actually pretty affordable. Well, they have now been opened for about 2 months now thus its good that things are working out well at this place.

They also serve some imported Taiwanese fruit infuse beer which is something different.
Some of the raw ingredients all prep up to be cooked into something yummy
The live seafood tanks in the background
Attractive salmon heads
The dining area which is simple, clean and spacious

The exterior of the place at e-Gate
Well, moving on below, you can see a sampling of what they have to offer and hope you find it appealing.
Their smoke duck breast which was pretty decent
Fried large prawns on a hot plate
Garlic Pork if you like pork!
A pretty impressive sashimi platter. Especially liked how the chef folded the fish slices into a nice rose
Kung Pao chicken which I felt lacked oomph and some sauce
Taiwanese Roast Pork which was pretty good though the portions could be better
BBQ Lamb, sad to say was abit over burnt and thus it was tough to the bite
Clams with Ginger soup was refreshing but there was too much pepper taste to it
Garlic Water Frog Soup, Direct translation of "bull frog" soup, was also abit of a let down as I felt there was too much soup and too little frog meat to really be able to sweeten the soup with the natural sweetness from the frog.
This is probably one of my favorite dish which is the Taiwanese Spicy Chicken. I guess you can't really go wrong with fried chicken and this one was on the spot
I did not sample the beef ribs but it looked tough to the bite
Leek Pork was also good but this is a really simple to make dish with fried roasted pork with leak which is such a classic leak dish for Chinese!
Overall of the dishes to be sampled on the opening day
The owner and the staff of Kampai 99. Overall, not too shabby but lots of room for improvements which I'm sure they will do so!


  1. buffet style??????????
    miao here~how much all??????????????????


  2. Hi Miao
    Its not buffet but each item is individual order. Costs is reasonable from RM9.90 but some like the frog leg soup costs more like RM19.90