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Thursday, March 28, 2013

New York Pizza in Sungai Dua, Penang

There are more and more pizza places that are coming up to rival those from the mainstream such as Pizza Hut or Domino's and New York Pizza is one such startup that seeks to give diners a higher quality pizza at a better value. New York Pizza is currently located in Sg Dua and for those that knows where Infinity Cyber Cafe is will definitely notice this pizza place located on the same row of shops.
The owner of the place seeks to make pizzas which are a step above what is commercially available and each pizza here is hand made to order and they make some pretty impressive thin crust pizzas. Besides pizza's, they are also starting to promote their charcoal bun burger which is again, self made! Do read on to find out more about them.

This is the exterior of New York Pizza. Its a corner shop and really can't miss it
The interior have a very USA look! These are made by the owners themselves
The seating area
Besides serving pizza, they also have snack plates with various fried fritters and also chicken wings. These are not exactly screaming for attention but it will surely fill you up
Chicken wings with different sauces is available. Thus you can go with a more asian spicy sour sauce or a typical BBQ sauce. Take your pick!
At first I thought that this was their pizza but I noticed that there was no other filling than some cheese and spices. This is their cheesy bread which is actually quite to my liking! Its basically a cheese pizza which is very popular overseas though with lots more cheese compared to this one. Of course, they sell this as a bread.
Its so thin and crunchy to the bite, yet the aroma from the cheese makes it a gem
We switch gears for awhile and showcase their macaroni with cheese. This is a macaroni baked with lots of cheesy goodness and also mushroom cream.
And this is their other highlight which is their charcoal bun burger which comes with either chicken chop or beef burger as the filling! As you will notice, the cheese again melts all over the patty and its served with a bunch of french fries. The bun is really soft and the self made bun does make their burger stand out from the crowd abit with its uniqueness.

And then we are back to the many pizzas. This is a take on seafood pizza with tuna and pineapples! Though its appealing but tuna with mayo is just not my favorite.
I'm more of the traditional toppings pizza guy and things like chicken and salami or sausages works really well for me!

Overall I find that New York Pizza would appeal to those that prefer a think crust pizza with lots of cheese on top as over here, they surely do not skimp om ingredients and you definitely get more bang for the buck. They also currently have free delivery for orders above RM30 and you can contact them at the number and website below :

Phone : 04-6584640
Website :

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