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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack's Place - For some nice Western Food

Well, had a chance to have some western food at a diner place called Jack's Place. Again, did not bring my GPS with me but this was near some shops up North in Singapore. Its not too far away from Ang Mo Kio as I recall. So they have set lunches and also ala carte. For the set lunch, its quite worth it as it comes with a soup, main course, dessert and coffee or tea. A complete meal I guess. So below if about my experience at Jack's Place in Singapore!

My main course which is stewed lamb shank! You can see that the meat is already falling off the bone!

So this is how it started out. Pumpkin soup which was thick and creamy.
Came with a slice of garlic bread. The bread surely goes well with the soup.
And another picture of the lamb shank. The meat was really tender and not overly fattening. The vegetables on the side is a nice additional. My only suggestion would be on the gravy which I think has too much oil in it. Its also abit watery and not like those thick brown sauce which I like so much
Actually for dessert they have a limited selection and apple pie was not included, but on that day, the person serving us was nice enough to give us the apple pie. It was really a large portion and I really struggle to finish it. I ended up finishing the scoop of vanilla icecream and also all the apple filling. Hehe.
So overall, I say it is a good place for an affordable meal. Quite a number of good choice for a reasonable price :)

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