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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

I was told that there is a famous Prawn Mee at Beach Street in Singapore and my friend was nice enough to bring me there for breakfast. The shop was 2 shoplots in size so I guess thats pretty big. One needs to go to the counter to order the noodles and there is a choice for normal or extra large prawns. There is also the pork ribs to be ordered as well. I saw a sign CEO's Hawkers Guide and it says this is a Choice place for CEO's. Hahah, I'm sure I'm not a CEO hahah. So do read on about my yummilicious prawn noodles at Blanco Court!

Just look at my bowl with extra large prawns and added pork ribs

The sign board so you know what to choose from! The pricing is clearly listed!
I guess this is the boss? As doesn't look like a foreign worker.
The ample seating place!
Thats the sign board or the restaurant
There is a lane next to the Blanco Court Prawn Mee called Haji Lane!
Another angle of that bowl of noodle of mine! The soup is definitely not as thick or prawny as what one gets in Penang but the size of the prawns definitely beats it flat as typically those in Penang are really small prawns.
And this is the bowl with the normal prawns. Even though the prawns are significantly smaller, but there is quite a good number of prawns in there!