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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sun with Moon in Singapore

Those that are familiar with the Japanese eating places in Singapore would have surely heard of Sun with Moon before I'm sure! From what I have read, this one which is at Wheelock Place is the original outlet and I was surprise as when I reach, there was already a small queue forming. Actually before I went, I didn't do any research and just went around trying to find a place to have lunch.
Well, as I entered the place, the first thing is that you will be escorted to your seat which is predetermined when you queue up and reach the kiosk counter. The head waiter will have someone bring you to your table and it would seem that you need to be really early to get a seat if you did not make reservations. The place was very tastefully designed and as my wife would put it, has a very zakka feel. Go google the term up! So I got a place for 1 or 2 and there was 2 person next to me whom I met while queuing. They were regulars and gave me some tips on what to order which was good. So do continue reading about my experience at Sun with Moon!

This is my lunch set! A bento of samplers!

The cozy seating area! Lots of natural and soft lighting
Each table have your own soy sauce tray and cutleries
The infamous sign of Sun with Moon!
My wife see decoration and setup like this she will like alot! Hahah, those zakka "feel"
Interesting deco even on the ceiling
I ordered a lunch bento set that is like a mini sampler of many other sets. Interesting  as this way I can try many different flavors in one go without stuffing myself silly.
There is udon, salmon sashimi, and a bunch of fried items and salads. Actually when I was queueing, was told that this was a great place but when the portions came, slightly disappointed as just look at the sashimi, the salmon was so thinly sliced. Actually even the 2 person who were sitting next to me commented that the portions are now smaller. So hopefully Sun with Moon will take this as a feedback and improve on their standards to become the talk of town again. Overall, I felt the bento set was interesting, especially the concept and the food presentation. This really score highly but when it comes to taste, it can surely improve. 
The green tea icecream with red beans was very refreshing and I really like the way they serve it here with the red beans! The icecream was also very well chilled and not soft but just creamy and melts in the mouth
And as I was leaving, took this shot of the entrance! You can't miss it at Wheelock's Place.

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