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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Julie's Biscuit ~ More than just Biscuits!

Well, ever since I was a small kid, I have been munching on these peanut biscuits but never really paid any attention to what or who made these delicious biscuits. Part of the blame I guess is that my mom would be the one buying it but as I was surfing through Facebook recently, I happen to saw that Julie's Biscuit was having a blogging competition.
With that in mind, my wife and I started scouring the house to see what Julie's we have and fact of the matter is, we had non left. We were about to give up until my wife caught eye of theJulie's Biscuit multi purpose container, and her being the creative one, decided to take some pretty shots of it. To be honest, these containers has been with us for such a long time and it is really lasting and really is multi purpose! We happen to have 2 left, one in purple and another in the famous orange for the peanut butter version. 
I can still remember that we would buy easily a few of these not just for the yummilicious biscuits in them but also for the container! My wife uses them for storing her patchwork and crafts utilities whereas another is used as a first aid box with various items in it for those emergency times.
I believe these Julie's Biscuits were one of the first to come out with individual packing which was and still is such a convenience. No longer do we have to worry about the biscuit becoming soggy after awhile and its always fresh. Just open as many as needed and its also great to put in the car or handbag for those times when we just need to munch on something or stuck in a traffic jam. Many times my wife has avoided gastric problems by having one of these convenient packs around!
With that, I'm glad that Julie's still continue to making these and its not just delicious, their containers really do last a long time as well! Cheers!

The multi purpose containers and 2 colors!
 Thats Julie's there!
 And my all time favorite biscuit, the Julie's Peanut Butter Sandwich!

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