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Thursday, June 21, 2012

iFoodEx 2012

Well, ever since last year's iFoodEx 2011, I decided that this year I will be going again and also to bring my wife and family. Boy was it interesting to see my daughter munching on so many samples, she was a super happy, tired and very full kid on that day! All in all, I think this years exhibition was better than last year with more stalls, but I was surprised that on Sunday afternoon, some stalls already sold out! This is surely good news to those that came and managed to buy items on promotion. I myself bought stuff from Gulong, potato chips, fruit vinegar and others which I can't even recall! Check out some pictures

Blackball was there too!

The relatively quiet crowd on Friday evening
Yes, even the famous Tom Yam paste brand was there. It was way cheaper than in the supermarkets
They were selling Taiwanese drinks such as yam drink which was really good but you need to buy 6 packs for RM50 and nothing less. So didn't buy any
This was my targeted stall from Gulong! All their products were well below market price and we bought home the luncheon meat and stewed pork slice set! Damn worth it
More photos
Lots of Bak Kua stalls though they were really stingy with the samples being chopped up so finely that you can hardly taste anything from it

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