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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - PG to LCCT layover

Went on a trip to Sabah last weekend and it was a fun and exciting trip. Lots of great food and things to see and do and I will blog about this trip adventure of mine. So, it started of with a flight via AirAsia to KL and then only to KK. It was a really tiring trip as the PG-KL flight was at 6.50am and I was at the airport by 5.30am. Well, its good to know at least the the renovation work at the airport is almost complete and its is many times more comfortable than it was in the past. Big glass walls allow one to have a clear view of the planes while tiled flooring is way better than the previous carpet which will get damp when its wet. Thumbs up to the improvements and hope it completes by year end. So as always, checkout the captions with the pictures ya!

Improved departure area!
 The sun creeping out as we depart!
 After soaring at 33000 ft, we can see the sun!

 Just so lovely. If only the air looks this pure and clean from the ground !
 Landed at LCCT!
 Thats the AirAsia with the Caterham F1 Team color pattern! Not bad I should say. Always keep an eye for interesting AA plane designs.
 Since we had to wait about 3-4 hours at LCCT before the flight to KK, we hopped over at Starbucks to have some coffee and snacks. The have quite a number of buns and all but I was hoping for some nice cakes whcih they didn't have.
 The friend staff at Starbucks LCCT
 The many mugs you can buy. I think it says on the board that  you get RM2 off your coffee if you bring your own Starbucks mug
 Thats my items on the right. Finally got to try the green tea frappucino. It was well, just green tea ice blended and with lots of chunky whole red beans. Frankly, not to say its not nice but Starbucks now become like Chatime? But I'm sure many love it, me included, but its not cheap though, for the medium size one I think its about RM15.50 which is kinda pricey for a blended green tea powder with some red beans!
I also had a donut and apple muffin. The donut was just a plain donut but the muffin had lots of apples and nuts in it. Best part is they even heat it up before serving which is nice of them. The latte is my friends!
 Close up view

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