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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - Jesselton Point for Island Hopping

At Sabah, there is a jetty known as Jesselton Point where it is the gateway to many island hopping adventures. I think you can get many packages from the tour guides here and they are more than happy to work out a plan. We had a group about 30 pax and ended up going island hopping to Pulau Sapi and Mamutik. Sapi Island is definitely bigger with more amenities but its also because of this that the waters surrounding the island is also not in as good condition. Mamutik on the other hand has better water, lots more fish as well as corals. Do check out some photos. And sorry I don't have an underwater camera so don't expect coral pictures from me. 

Archway to the jetty
Interesting street art on the way to the jetty

The very nice walkway to the jetty
There is lots of tables here which I would assume they have very nice setting for the evenings and nights for some drinks
Down to the boats
All aboard and ready to go!
Saying good bye to those still waiting
Speedboat cruising about 50km/hour max speed
First sight at the jetty of Pulau Sapi or Sapi Island
The beach on the island
Another view
Me posing with some signs. Do you know what it means?
The many boats here

The water is pretty clear allowing me to take the photo's of the many fishes
Do you smell Uni? Thats sea urchin!
Getting ready to head to the other island
Since we had 2 boats, it felt like a race going on. Ended up losing to that boat there
Me posing again

Its quieter here but I guess it was also because it was quite late. It was about 4pm already and the sky was getting darker
Such a serene place. Wish can stay longer. Well, the island hopping is definitely fun here but my advice would be to go during the morning when the sun is shining and that is the best time to observe corals!


  1. Sabah is indeed a really good place to begin with.