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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - Random Pics from 3 hours city tour

Once landed in KK, we were immediately whisk off by our local guide into a tour bus where they  have arranged for a 3 hours city tour and these are just some of the highlights and pictures which I took. I would say KK isn't exactly that big of a city but places are also not nearby. I guess the best way to go around would be to get a rental car!

The Muzium Sabah! Do note no photography allowed inside. Just got to know that many muziums around the world now also do not allow photography... bummer.
 Yes me with my large grin! Was already so exhausted from the flight

 My buddy Khairruz trying to be ape man!
 This is the Tun Mustapha Tower which used to be the tallest building in Sabah in the 1970's. Heard its still now the 2nd tallest. Well, it fitted between my hands :p
 The floating mosque. Heard from the guide that its beautifully lighted up at night
 Lotus flower about to open
 At the Puh Toh Tze Temple. Many people offered their prayers via the lighting of the oil lamps
 And the famous Kuan Yin statue at the temple. Heard this is the biggest Kuan Yin in Sabah!
 By the time we reach the hotel and checkin, the sun was already setting. Sabah time actually is an hour faster but the times has been standardize between East and West Malaysia now. Thus the sun rises about 6am and sets about that time as well. This is the view from the hotel
 You can see the island right across the water from the town. This is Pulau Gaya
 Golden sunset. It was cloudy thus we did not get the chance to see the sun's orbs directly but it was really a beautiful sight anyway

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