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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - Pasar Besar & Gaya Sunday Market

Being the adventurous me and hoping to get a feel of the local market, I made my way to the biggest market in KK (I think its the biggest) which is the Pasar Besar. This market is located right next to the fish market and the handicraft market. Its really convenient as its located nearby and right at the town. Many stalls selling all sort of items but the Sabah Vegetable remained elusive. I just didn't spot it at any of the stalls that were open.
I was too early as many stalls still yet to open at 6am

Lots of banana's and pumpkins

There is the Gaya Sunday Market which as the name implies only opens on Sundays. It occupies the Gaya Street and opens from about 6am till 1pm. Lots of stalls here selling all items from vegetables, food, pets, plants, pearls and what not!

Yummy kuih's which was very cheap!
Skilled drivers
Even have chicklets for sale
And pet chickens
Many fruits such as the hairy thorny yellow one at the back
Pink guava
Again can find stalls selling seashells. The nautilus shell was something I really wanted to get but it was expensive so I skipped it. Now abit regret ....
Again, don't buy corals ya
Some flower for sale. Edible but not sure what it tastes like. The lady say to fry it with egg.
Sabah coffee anyone?
Pet parakeets?
Even cats and dogs
My worse nightmare, some kind of lizard going for over RM250 each. I saw someone grab 2 of them very quickly
The rolled items are actually glutinous rice
Lots of local farmers. Apparently one of the guys said they did saw the Sabah Vegetable on sale but only limited bundles. When we reach already all gone
Any guess what is this? Its actually dragon fruit flower. Again, can fry it with egg
Cooked corn
Looked like pearl corn but its actually very hard and mixed with glutinous variety
So many on sale
Not very yummy but good to try I guess

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