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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - LCCT to Sabah!

So this is the continuation of my trip. After waiting for about 3 hours, its time to board my flight to Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah. As its the LCCT, you need to walk to the plane and we were boarding at Gate 3 but at platform 72. So do check out some pictures as I was to board the plane!

Thats the Gate 3!
 I really like this shot. The pull down grills give the plane a kind of surreal look

 My flight on the Airbus! Clear blue skies is always nice. They now board at both the front and the rear making it much faster but sadly many passengers do not bother to see where they are seating thus many of them just end up blocking the walkway isle inside the plane!!! Some do not even know where to find their seat but the worse I notice is that the AA stewardess service attitude is really poor. They do not even bother to help the passengers who are having trouble finding their seat or not able to stow their hand luggage properly in the overhead compartment! I guess this is what you get with paying cheap airfares?
 The meal that we have on the flight. Asian Fried Rice with Chicken Satay was kind of disappointing but I still finish it as I was hungry. The rice was hard and chunky but luckily the satay was still edible. I would not recommend this and will still stick to the spaghetti.
 See how dry the rice is?
 I turned on my GPS device as we were flying across the ocean and well, it did show correctly that we are "driving east" as I guess it doesn't have a flying mode. Manage to log the speed at 785km/hour as well! Whee!
 Blue blue skies!
 I think this is Labuan! I think only as I'm not aware of any other islands near Sabah that has an airport but this island surely has one!
 Some where in Sabah as we are flying low and approaching to land. Surprise this river is so brown in color!

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